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You’ll have to buy Lego Dimensions again to play as Supergirl, and only on PS4

Supergirl exclusive to PS4, only available in a new starter pack

Superman’s Kryptonian cousin Supergirl will be coming to Lego Dimensions this September, albeit with several caveats, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today at Gamescom.

The trailer above shows Supergirl using some of her signature abilities, like heat vision and super strength, as well as the powers bestowed by her Red Lantern ring.

In order to get the Supergirl minifigure and play as her in the game, though, you’ll need to buy a starter pack, which includes the full game in addition to the basic sets and minifigures required to play. This means that if you want Supergirl but you already own the game, you’ll have to buy the pack all over again.

What's worse, Supergirl is exclusive to the PlayStation 4, meaning that owners of one of the other four consoles the game is available for won’t have a chance to play as Kara Zor-El at all.

If re-purchasing the starter pack is out of the question, Warner Bros. Interactive confirmed that Supergirl will be available eventually through the game’s Hire-a-Hero feature. However, that only allows you to play as her for 30 seconds, after spending a fair amount of in-game currency, in order to bypass certain obstacles. Even then, the player can’t really choose to play as Supergirl, as the game decides which character to place at an obstacle, and only one hero is available at a time.

Regardless, Supergirl will be available as a pack-in with PlayStation 4 starter packs of Lego Dimensions some time in late September, and in limited quantities.

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