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Pokémon Go player charged after jumping on subway tracks for YouTube video

Carries a fine of $425

A Toronto comedian has been charged after he jumped on subway tracks for a Pokémon Go YouTube video back in July.

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) confirmed that Mark Correia was charged with "unauthorized access on subway tracks," which carries a fine of $425. When Correia posted the video last month, TTC head Brad Ross said that the organization was taking the issue very seriously and was investigating the incident. Ross called it a public safety concern, adding that he was worried that others would try and do the same thing.

In the video, Correia ironically points out the dangers of playing Pokémon Go in public, walking into a variety of doors, windows, buildings and statues to prove his point. His video came days after reports of people falling off cliffs or other dangerous areas because of playing the game started to appear. The TTC couldn't provide any more information on the status of Correia's charges, but reiterated that access to subway tracks is prohibited.

Since Pokémon Go launched at the beginning of July, the game has become one of the most popular apps on both iOS and Android platforms, garnering millions of dollars in revenue for both developer Niantic Studios, publisher Game Freak and Nintendo.

Correction: Toronto's public transit agency is the Toronto Transit Commission, not the Toronto Transit Committee. We've edited the article to reflect this.

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