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The Sexy Brutale trailer shows a spooky puzzle adventure

Masked ball time-travel game has an original and quirky look

Here's your first look at spooky puzzle adventure The Sexy Brutale. A teaser trailer (above) was released today for Gamescom.

Set in a mansion, the player takes on the role of an elderly priest who observes masked ball party goers, all in danger of being killed. The ball is on an endless Groundhog Day-style time loop.

Puzzles are grounded in going back in time and saving the lives of the guests. As the game progresses, the priest accrues occult skills in order to aid his mission.

The Sexy Brutale, due out early next year on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One, is a co-production between Spanish developer Tequila Works (best known for Rime) and UK house Cavalier, made up of former Lionhead staffers.

"When Cavalier asked for our feedback on their build of The Sexy Brutale, I immediately knew we had to be part of it," said Tequila Works' CEO Raúl Rubio. "By combining the unique talents of both our teams we are proud to have created a genuinely intriguing and unforgettable experience for players to enjoy."