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Ubisoft reveals two online multiplayer modes for Watch Dogs 2

Hacking Invasion is back

With Watch Dogs 2 just months away from release, Ubisoft revealed two different online multiplayer modes that people will be able to play.

Ubisoft confirmed at Gamescom today that the "Hacking Invasion" PVP mode from the first game would be returning to the sequel. In this mode, players are assigned a target opponent and the goal of their mission is to download a certain amount of data without being detected. Players can also team up for co-op missions within this mode and explore San Francisco or partake in similar missions, according to the studio.

The new online mode, "Bounty Hunter" is tied to the police heat system and effectively takes players out of the single-player open-world experience when there's too much chaos happening in the game. Once players are detected by police, the chase is on. The mode may also become a PVP mission, according to Ubisoft, if the triggering event opens up a bounty hunter type reward, which brings in three additional players tasked with neutralizing the target.

The online modes are voluntary and separate from the single-player campaign. Watch Dogs 2 comes out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on Nov. 15.

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