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Activision debuts Skylanders' Crash Bandicoot level at Gamescom

Dr. Neo Cortex joins the game

Sony first announced that Crash Bandicoot would be joining the Skylanders team back in June at E3, but today at Gamescom, Activision confirmed that the nefarious Dr. Neo Cortex and foe Kaos would be starring in their own level.

Thumpin' Wanda Islands is the newest, Crash Bandicoot-dedicated level coming to Skylanders. In the game, Kaos learns how to wield the power of Mind Magic to create a clone of himself in order to take over the island. He soon realizes, however, that his clone is just as diabolical as he is and Kaos will have to content with fighting himself as well as others on the island.

The new level will feature Crash Bandicoot specific elements for fans of the original Naughty Dog series. "Crash Zones" will bring back boulder chases, as well as TNT boxes, exploding crates, crabs and Wumpa Fruit. The more iconic elements of Crash Bandicoot games will be integrated into a traditional style Skylanders game, meaning that combat and action sequences from the Activision franchise will still be paramount.

The Crash Bandicoot level will be made available to all players who purchase the Skylanders Imaginators game at launch, or can be purchased separately for $29.99 this holiday season as its own adventure pack, according to Activision. The adventure pack will also contain Dr. Neo Crotex and Kaos as playable toys.

Skylanders Imaginators will be released Oct. 16, with the starter pack being sold at $74.99.