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Blizzard embraces ‘Gremlin D.Va’ with new Overwatch emote

Hana does the Dew and Doritos

Overwatch D.Va
Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

"Gremlin D.Va," the Mountain Dew-swilling, nacho cheese Doritos-chomping caricature of D.Va spawned from a widely spread Tumblr meme, gets a nod in a batch of new emotes recently added to Overwatch.

While the rest of the Overwatch cast got emotes that sees them either laughing or sitting down to rest, D.Va got a new one called "Game On." In it, she fires up a holographic shooting game, then grabs a handful of (off-brand) Doritos and chugs some (not officially licensed) Dew.

While the rest of new the emotes cost 250 credits, D.Va’s new Gremlin reference is legendary and costs 1,000. Here’s a peek:

Blizzard Entertainment

"Gremlin D.Va" was born on Tumblr this summer when a handful of artists re-imagined the professional gamer and mech pilot as a McDonald’s and Dew-fueled hellion. She pesters Overwatch mom Mercy and dad Soldier: 76 for her junk food fix, while also exhibiting the worst, most stereotypical hardcore gamer mannerisms.

For a look at the rest of the new Overwatch emotes, check them out in action in the video below.