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Mr. Robot tie-in novel will reveal more clues about show's second season

Prepare to hunt for secrets

Mr. Robot's second season has been full of twisting turns and revelations that could be difficult for some to keep up with. Creator Sam Esmail is aware of this and recently told Entertainment Weekly that the show's first tie-in novel will answer a few questions left unresolved.

Mr. Robot: Red Wheelbarrow will act as a version of main character Elliot's journal that has become so essential this season for the character to remind himself of what is and isn't real. In the faux journal, readers will be able to search out clues for things that may not be answered this season, as well as possible details for the show's recently announced third season. The book is being penned by Esmail himself and will include seven different artifacts that can be ripped out of the book for closer examination.

Mr. Robot Red Wheelbarrow will hit shelves Nov. 1. Esmail did not confirm if a digital version would be available at this time. Mr. Robot airs Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on USA.