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Watch Overwatch's new animated short, 'The Last Bastion'

The story behind the bird-loving bot

Blizzard Entertainment released a new animated short for Overwatchthe game's fifth so far — called "The Last Bastion" at Gamescom today. The new short focuses on the character Bastion, the last survivor of his kind.

According to Overwatch lore, Bastion was one unit in an army of peacekeeping robots who was turned against his human creators during the Omnic Crisis. After the war, Bastion lay dormant for more than a decade and awoke with "an intense curiosity about the natural world and its inhabitants."

Bastion's origin ties into a new map that's coming to Overwatch in September. Eichenwalde is a new payload/assault hybrid map set in an abandoned village on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. It's the scene of an "epic battle" between omnics and the German defense force. It's also home to Bastion's "reawakening."

Blizzard's previous animated shorts have focused on Overwatch characters Winston, Widowmaker and Tracer, Hanzo and Genji, and Soldier: 76.

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