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Nickelodeon launches pop-up stores with Hey Arnold! notebooks, Rugrats pillows

You know you want this Rugrats pillow

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Nickelodeon is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Nicktoons this year, and after multiple panels at San Diego Comic-Con, big revival announcements and airing '90s-oriented specials, the network is planning to launch a pop-up store.

Being hosted at Story in New York City and the Ron Robinson store in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, the store will carry clothing, accessories, books and home decor dedicated to some of the network’s biggest series. There are Rugrats pillows, Slimed-themed T-shirts and socks, SpongeBob SquarePants watches and Rocket Power-inspired board shorts.

According to a press release from Story, a retail store in New York that combines art exhibits with products that can be bought by shoppers, the partnership with Nickelodeon came about as a part of the store’s newest exhibit that focuses exclusively on '90s nostalgia. Keeping in tune with the summer theme the store is going for, there will be a focus on seasonal gear, including swimsuits and flip-flops, as well as some of the more popular school supplies that kids used throughout the decade.

The pop-up will run in New York City until Sept. 18 and will be available for one day only in Santa Monica on Sept. 24. For those that won’t be in either city or won’t be able to make it to the store, the items will also be available to purchase through the Neiman Marcus website.

Check out some of the Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, Slimed and other Nickelodeon products that will be available to purchase below.