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Hearthstone has a new co-op boss battle, and it's awesome

Nefarian is back, and this time you'll need a buddy to take him down

Last year, Hearthstone introduced its first ever co-op boss fight, and it was really cool. Blizzard returned to that concept early this year, repeating the same fight but with different decks and strategies for the players.

In this week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl, Blizzard returns to the co-op well once again, but it's even better the third time around. This time we have a new boss — Nefarian, who players have squared off against previously in the Blackrock Mountain adventure — and two unique decks to fight him with, one for priest and one for shaman.

Nefarian seems easy enough at first. He has a whopping 200 health, but his attack is set to 0 and his spells aren't too overwhelming. But I promise he has some nice surprises waiting as you chip away at his health.

I won't spoil the twists in the fight here, but if you'd like to see it for yourself, watch our video above. For more of our Hearthstone antics, you can check out our full playlist on YouTube.