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Dishonored 2 trailer shows Emily Kaldwin’s combat skills

Dark arts in full use as goons and robots taken down

Here's a new trailer for Dishonored 2, released by publisher Bethesda during Gamescom.

The two-minute gameplay promo shows Empress Emily Kaldwin making use of dark spells and slick combat maneuvers as she takes out human and robot enemies. Dishonored 2 — due for release on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on Nov. 11 — allows the player to take on the role of either Kaldwin or the previous game's hero Corvo Attano.

This trailer also shows off some of the sumptuous environments for which the Arkane-developed series is best known. Set in a quasi-Victorian world of seedy slums and glittering mansions, it's the story of a high stakes power struggle, featuring combat, magic and stealth.

You can find out more about Dishonored 2 via Polygon’s E3 round-up.