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The Lost Boys gets the television treatment at CW

What was once old is new again

Last week, CW president Mark Pedowtiz said the network wasn’t interested in exploring any more superhero shows at this time to fill out its roster, but it looks like the network isn’t done exploring beloved franchises just yet.

The CW has acquired the rights to The Lost Boys, the underground vampire film franchise from the ‘80s, and Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is set to develop an anthology series for the network based on the characters, according to Variety. The series will span across seven decades, with each season representing a different decade. With that in mind, it looks like the CW has plans to keep the series going for at least seven years, although the network hasn’t confirmed if that’s the case.

Anthology shows are becoming increasingly popular at different networks, most notably FX which has partnered with creator Ryan Murphy on two different series — American Horror Story and American Crime Story — in the past few years. The idea is that unlike a serialized show with the same cast of characters that demands a more traditional, linear storytelling approach, the characters and actors change from season to season, keeping it refreshing every year. Without the constraints of having to adhere by a story already set in motion for a specific group of characters, the showrunners and producers also have less creative restrictions on what stories they want to tell.

The first season of the show will be set in San Francisco during 1967 — the season of love — with no word on where the second season will take place. It’s unclear if Thomas is planning to shoot in the city at this time.

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