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New Prey gameplay teaser video released at Gamescom

Weaponry and creepy music are all in here

Earlier today, Bethesda released a two-minute gameplay teaser video for its upcoming space-based, first person shooter game, Prey.

The video starts off with a glimpse at the combat players can expect to experience in the game. All of the combat shown in the video takes place inside the space station that players will reside on in the game. There isn’t much to see, but the first half of the video does give some more insight into the types of weapons they’ll be able to use while playing.

For example, the video shows off the Gloo Canon that can be used to freeze enemies. Once enemies are frozen, players can use a Superthermal to trigger an explosion in a targeted area and kill off enemies they come into contact with. The video also gives us a better look at the Mimic Matter ability, which can be used to transform the player into another object — in this case a coffee cup — in order to reach an area that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The last half of the video takes players outside of the space station and while there isn’t too much happening, it does provide a look at the breathtaking scenery. The last part of the video is accompanied by a piece of the original score arranged for the game, which carries a little bit of an ominous vibe while you float around in space.

Prey was first revealed during E3 where Bethesda confirmed that players would take on the character Morgan Yu, a subject of a scientific experiment, in the year 2032. The game is being developed by the studio behind the Dishonored franchise, Arkane Studios.

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