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Pokémon Go’s latest glitch is changing players' Pokémon after they’re caught

Catching 'em all just got weird

Pokémon Go players are reporting a bizarre bug with the game’s most recent update — one that transforms caught Pokémon into a different species altogether.

The video below, shared earlier today to the Pokémon Go subreddit, shows this strange process in action. The glitch seems to happen at random, as does the type of Pokémon that catches are changed into when it occurs. Players who have had it happen to them had said that it’s happened on numerous occasions over the past 24 hours or so, however.

Sometimes this works out in players’ favor. One poster said that his high-powered Caterpie became a Charizard after it was caught. Others, however, have seen their Bulbasaur or other, more desirable monsters changed into common catches like Rattata.

This bug follows the recent "three-step" glitch as Pokémon Go’s most aggravating problem. That issue, which had all nearby Pokémon listed as three footprints away, effectively rendering the tracking system useless, was "fixed" recently by removing footprints altogether.

Players were less than pleased with that and other changes made to the game, and Niantic announced this morning that it was working to re-implement the feature.

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