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Ape Escape 2 joins the PS2 classics library on PS4

It's a good day for some monkey catching

Primate platformer Ape Escape 2, originally released for PlayStation 2, is now available on PlayStation 4. The PS2 classic is currently discounted to $7.49 for PlayStation Plus subscribers, an offer that's good through Aug. 9.

The PS4 re-release comes with trophies and upscaled graphics, as seen above. There's also remote play and second screen options available. its regular price is $9.99.

Ape Escape 2 was one of the first PS2 games to be rated for a PS4 re-release, back before Sony made games from that generation playable on its current hardware. PS2 games that also appeared on international ratings boards in the fall alongside Ape Escape 2, like Dark Cloud 2 and Twisted Metal: Black, have been available to download for months.

The sequel to the PlayStation original, 2002's Ape Escape 2 is perhaps the most beloved entry in Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s series of monkey-catching adventures. The game hands players a series of unique weapons with which to capture apes who have run amok all over the world. (Think a platforming-heavy version of Pokémon.) There are also minigames and, best of all, plenty of puns to laugh at or groan over.

Although Ape Escape found international success, with the titular monkeys making appearances in other PlayStation games like Metal Gear Solid 3, Sony hasn’t made a proper Ape Escape game in years. The latest entry in the series is PlayStation Move Ape Escape, a PlayStation 3 game that requires the peripheral and came stateside in 2011.

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