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Batman: The Telltale Series panned on Steam as players report issues abound (update)

"You could have a PC built by Jesus Christ himself and this game still will run at 10 fps"

Batman: The Telltale Series is facing complaints from players of the Windows PC version, some of whom call the game "100 percent broken as of launch." Nearly 400 reviews have appeared on Steam since the game hit the storefront earlier today, with many buyers raising red flags about potential problems with the game’s resolution, framerate and lag.

The most resounding criticisms revolve around the resolution, something many players report as being unable to change.

"Resolution is an issue," according to one review; "try to set any [resolution] higher than 720p, your mouse gets held ransom in an invisible box at the top left of the screen."

Others are unable to change their resolutions at all or have trouble figuring out how to apply the new settings. (It requires escaping out of the settings entirely, which prompts a save option.) Many of those who are able to get past set-up say they then experience the lost or floating cursor problem or worse.

Reviews call out resolution problems, lag and painful framerates

Issues players face within the game itself include those with sound, crashes and framerate drops that bring the game down to a plodding 10 fps. PC specs are highly variable, but even those with hardware that follows Steam’s recommendations say that the game runs slowly on their computers.

"My specs are far more powerful than the specs required to run it," wrote another user. "Results — horrible lag; dialogue doesn’t match up with the animation; very buggy; can’t go full screen even."

Users have begun to speculate that the cause for any issues is due to the GPU. Some are finding that Batman is running off their integrated, not dedicated, GPUs, resulting in a decreased performance when they try to make the switch. This is especially the case on laptops, according to reviews.

We tested out the game on our high-end gaming PC this afternoon and ran into zero problems. We also reviewed the game’s first installment on PC and enjoyed it, albeit with a pre-release code. But fans of the Dark Knight on Steam are emphatic that their negative experiences are more than just anecdotal proof.

"You could have a PC built by Jesus Christ himself and this game still will run at [10 fps], a floaty cursor, and be completely unplayable at the LOWEST settings," a "helpful" negative review reads.

We’ve reached out to Telltale Games about the complaints from PC players, who have been spurned by Batman games in the past. We’ll update with more when we have it.

Batman: The Telltale Series is also available on iOS, Android, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Update: Telltale's support team issued a patch on Aug. 2 that's meant to clear up many of the performance issues players have been experiencing.

"Investigations indicate that many of these issues appear to have been due to running the game on integrated graphics cards rather than dedicated, or were the result of out of date drivers," reads the patch notes' preface. The PC patch will fix the game so that it default to the dedicated GPU; it also adds graphic settings for better textures.