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Leveling up in Titanfall 2 literally sounds ridiculous

All the sounds!

The act of leveling up your character, with all that entails, is a somewhat ridiculous process in the upcoming Titanfall 2. Our own Nick Robinson grabbed some video of the process, and you can check it out below. Warning: This may be the most aurally intense thing representing a somewhat common process in the game you have ever heard.

Go back and listen again. We have time. I'll wait.

I'm not saying this is good. I'm not saying it's bad. That's something we'll have to determine after we play for many more hours and hear these sounds many more times. But it's certainly intense, and I feel like I have done something truly amazing after I hear it.

The Titanfall 2 tech test is over for this weekend, but another beta is coming next weekend, starting on Aug. 26.