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Watch the PlayStation 4 slim boot up (Update)

Eurogamer visited the console's buyer and filmed the PS4 booting up

Eurogamer has posted a video of a PlayStation 4 slim console booting up, confirming the redesign that leaked yesterday through an online auction site.

Update: Eurogamer says it has removed the video "after taking legal advice."

Digital Foundry editor Richard Leadbetter visited the person who bought the console off the auction site and shot the video and pictures seen, including a close up of the thinner console with rounded edges.

Eurogamer says it will have more details on the PS4 slim later in this week. Higher quality closeups of the unit are on their site now.

The Wall Street Journal this morning reported that a redesigned base model of the PlayStation 4 is coming, along with the high-end version codenamed Neo. Though Sony has not said what will be discussed, both consoles are widely expected to be revealed at a Times Square event on Sept. 7.

What We Know About the PlayStation Neo

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