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Allison Road is back in production (update)

The P.T.-like Kickstarter project returns

Allison Road, Lillith Ltd.’s promising, canceled horror project, has been revived, the developer announced on Facebook. The announcement comes just two months after the game was unceremoniously canceled, despite success on Kickstarter and a publishing deal.

After fans of the game’s social media page noticed new activity — for the first time since the project was killed — the team declared in a post that Allison Road is again in development.

"I took a bit of time off Allison Road, went back to work and had a good look at all the stuff that had been done up to that point," creator Christian Kesler wrote on Facebook. "I started making a few changes to the story, a few scribbles here and there, some layout tests and before I knew it it sort of organically picked up pace. "

How far long the project is now remains unclear, although it seems unlikely that publisher Team17 will continue to work with Lillith Ltd. on the game. A statement given in June by the company indicated that it had dropped the title. We’ll learn more about the state of the game's development in the coming weeks, Kesler wrote, promising to update people excited about Allison Road on social media channels.

For an unreleased crowdfunding project, Allison Road has cultivated quite a fanbase since it was announced last year. It hit its Kickstarter campaign goal in under a month last September after winning acclaim for its 13-minute prototype video. The Kickstarter ended up closing after Lillith Ltd. announced that it had found a partner in Team17.

Often compared to Hideo Kojima’s P.T. demo, Allison Road is a haunted house-set survival horror game for Windows PC. Unlike P.T., however, it sounds like the game could eventually see a full release, as planned.

Update: Don't expect to see Allison Road back on Kickstarter, Chris Kesler told Polygon via email. The game, whose development is currently going "slower than before," will be funded by Kesler himself for the time being.

"Actually I'm working freelance jobs to earn money to finance development," he said. "Thankfully everyone who helped me up to this point was very supportive along the way and kept things affordable for me. And I'm very grateful for that!"

He added that he and Lillith Ltd. may pursue external funding in the future.