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Hearthstone goes to the opera for the second week of One Night in Karazhan

Plays on Little Red Riding Hood and Romeo & Juliet lead some fun single-player fights

While there's nothing quite as imaginative or ridiculous as last week's chess fight, Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan still features some fun, weird twists on the card game in its second week.

Titled "The Opera," week two of Karazhan has three boss fights, where each fight is an interpretation of a classic story. That includes a play on Romeo & Juliet where the titular heroine cannot be killed as long as the Romeo stand-in is on the board, and a fight against a Wizard of Oz-esque wicked witch who can summon a tornado to completely wreck your hero.

You can watch the video above to see us take on these challenges and earn some new cards for our troubles. We also make sure to go out of our way to get twister'd to death. All for you. And if you want to see more videos of us losing Hearthstone games in ridiculous ways, check out our full playlist on YouTube.

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