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What Pokémon Go’s new Appraisal feature really tells you

Pokémon trainers have a new way to prove their team is battle-ready

Pokémon Gos version 0.35.0/1.5.0 update adds but one change to the game, and it’s a big one for players who long to get into the more strategic side of the mobile hit. The new Pokémon Appraisal tool can help them do just that, but it takes some time to learn how.

Thankfully, players are already translating Appraisal’s vagaries into more useful, concrete terms for aspiring gym owners. Pokémon Go communities on Reddit and other sites have collected the recurring phrases spoken by team leaders Blanche, Candela and Spark, parsing them for their hidden meanings about a Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses.

Below is a full list from Pokémon Go on Gamepress that gives ballpark ranges for the individual value (IV) stats of a Pokémon based on what the trainer’s leader has to say about it. Pokémon Go players who have never gotten into competitive Pokémon training before may have zero clue as to what IVs even are — in layman’s terms, they are hidden stats that point to a Pokémon’s natural battling talent.

pokemon go appraisal Pokémon Go on Gamepress

To take down all those Vaporeon stationed at gyms near you, finding a Pokémon with the highest IVs is of utmost importance. Gym battles are one of the better ways to keep the Pokémon Go experience going, especially now that cheaters are getting booted from the game, and the Appraisal tool is a big way to ensure success. Other, more specific calculators like Poké Assistant have long existed to help players out in this regard, but it's nice that fans don't have to leave the app itself to get a sense of if their catches are worth keeping.

Consult our FAQ for even more things to do in Pokémon Go, which Niantic said is set to receive even more features in the coming months.

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