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Max Steel makes first appearance in international trailer

Oh boy, it’s a doozy

Yes, the Max Steel movie is alive and well. In fact, there’s now an official trailer for the film.

Mattel, the toy company that created the superhero, has tried multiple times to get a movie about the character made. Twilight’s Taylor Lautner was originally attached to the role, but left the project before development even began. Nothing else was said of the movie and it floated in Hollywood purgatory for quite some time until Mattel announced that it was back on track, with Ben Winchell taking on the role of Steel.

Now, a trailer has appeared that gives a first glimpse at the hero, Max McGrath. According to Mattel’s story, McGrath is a teenager obsessed with video games who attaches himself to a cybernetic creature named Steel to find out what happened to his father who passed away when he was younger. The film, which is being co-produced by Mattel’s own studio, Playground Pictures, was written by Christopher Yost, the same writer who penned the script to Thor: The Dark World.

The movie is slated for an Oct. 21 release date in North America, so expect to see more trailers as we get closer to the release date.