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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is kind of a mess on PC

Is anyone shocked at this point?

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a game that exists on both consoles and the PC, so of course the PC version of the game has issues on release.

"Game has weird mouse acceleration that cannot be turned off and on top of that the X/Y speeds are different," one player noted in the Steam reviews. "Not letting players turn these things off even in .ini file or registry is beyond obnoxious, this game is the worst example of bad mouse inputs i have ever seen."

But that's not all!

"I ... enter the game to find that the optimization is absolute [edited], I mean really bad. Yes, I turned off MSAA, and turned down volumetric lighting etc., and yet the game still has massive stuttering along with a bizarre input lag that makes aiming a pain in the balls," another said in their review.

There are 2,793 Steam reviews, with the rating being "mixed" at the time of this writing.

The game’s developer has a few suggestions to help performance:

  • Update your drivers
  • Turn off MSAA
  • Turn off Contact Hardening Shadows
  • Keep Volumetric Lighting to on or off
  • If you have a 4GB GPU, use settings up to High
  • Use 1080p resolution
  • Enable Exclusive Fullscreen

The crashing issues at startup and at the train station are "under investigation." As for the mouse not feeling "right" for many players? Square Enix states the menu is broken. "Players should ignore what they are seeing in the menu and use what they are noticing in-game," the post states. "A fix is coming for this issue."

You can read the full guide on how to mitigate the game’s poor performance, but this is a shame.

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