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100ft Robot Golf will launch this October

Also, one of the game’s characters is actually five dogs

Five dogs on the Moon

Real-time golf-and-mech sim 100ft Robot Golf will be released this October, developer No Goblin announced today.

A game plainly defined by its title, 100ft Robot Golf is a single and multiplayer experience that puts players in control of a gigantic robot body as they turn several city blocks into their own personal golf course. The title will also support PlayStation VR, which will let players ride on the backs of their respective mechs.

Also revealed today was a new playable character for the game, which is actually five dogs.

Collectively known as "Project C," these charming Corgis act as the Voltron of dogs. Each pup is the pilot of their own dog-shaped robot, which all form together to create one huge man-shaped robot. Project C’s special move allows the player to throw a giant broadsword which has the power to cleave skyscrapers in twain.

These doggies join an already wide cast of characters drawn in an anime style, including a used vehicle salesman, a bio-mechanical scientist and the so-called "Beyoncé of Robot Golf."

100ft Robot Golf will launch on Oct. 10 for PlayStation 4 — three days ahead of PlayStation VR.

Disclosure: The commentary track in 100ft Robot Golf is provided by My Brother, My Brother and Me, a popular comedy podcast featuring three McElroy brothers, two of whom also work for Polygon. More here.

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