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No Man’s Sky patch to clean up crashing issues on PS4

90 percent of them, at least

With the first No Man's Sky patch, Hello Games set out to resolve many of the game’s early crashing issues. Another fix, due later this week, should take care of "90 percent" of the remaining problems, according to the studio.

Patch 1.06 "is in testing and will release this week," Hello Games wrote on Twitter this morning. Although it will included "other fixes and improvements too," the studio added, the main feature is the promise of fewer mid-game crashes. That's something many players have experienced since No Man’s Sky launched earlier this month, as the game repeatedly boots them back to the PS4 menu. The procedural generation at the game’s core has proven at times too taxing for it to handle, leading some explorers to lose hours of gameplay when the game quits at random.

The Windows PC version is left out of this round of patching, although that game suffered its own major issues right at launch. Hello Games issued the first PC patch hours after the game hit Steam on Aug. 12, clearing up the locked framerate and loading instability.

Both PS4 and PC players also received last week’s 1.04 patch, cleaning up "70 percent" of crashes and honing in on hardware performance. On Sunday, Hello Games issued patch 1.05, which purportedly fixed "87 percent" of crashes on PS4.

No Man's Sky will continue to be patched up until "these issues are 100 percent resolved," Hello Games wrote in a follow-up tweet. Players can contribute feedback on these and other bugs — like one that stranded players who used a special bonus item — on the studio's support page, although lead designer Sean Murray said that only 1 percent of total players have spoken up thus far.

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