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Amazon’s Jack Ryan TV show will be a ‘movie in 10 parts’

Bringing the CIA operative into the modern age

John Krasinski at 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival Angela Weiss/WireImage/Getty Images

Amazon Studios head Roy Price announced a few weeks ago that the company had plans to order "more and more" original series to compete with other networks and distributors. Since then, Amazon has premiered three new pilots for potential series and announced that it ordered a full season of Carlton Cuse’s Jack Ryan series.

In an interview with Collider, Jack Ryan star John Krasinski said that Amazon was handing the reigns completely over to Cuse and his team, giving them a budget on par with some Hollywood films. A large part of that, Krasinski added, was Cuse wanted to make a Jack Ryan movie told over the course of 10 parts, week after week. The executive producer, best known for co-creating Lost, wanted to expand the world of Jack Ryan beyond what most people get in a two-hour film and bring in more of original author Tom Clancy’s writing.

"I think that they’re not even really considering it a TV show, they’re calling it a movie that’s being told in 10 parts," Krasinski told Collider. "And that’s not just an argument of semantics, it’s actually true. Carlton Cuse’s whole plan is we’re gonna shoot it on a movie budget, we’re gonna have the same stunts as movies, it’s gonna feel like a movie but you’re gonna watch it every week."

Krasinski said that one of the aspects of Jack Ryan’s character that gets downplayed a bit in the films because of time constraints is his intelligence and his ability to solve difficult puzzles. That’s an element of the story that will be more front and center in the new series. The other thing that Cuse and Krasinski want to do with the show is move it forward, bringing the CIA operative into the modern age. As such, the first season will deal heavily with ISIS. Krasinsky said that every year, they’re going to be focusing on different real world events, approaching the series with a Law & Order ripped from the headlines mentality.

Krasinski’s mention of multiple years working on the series implies that Amazon has expressed interest in renewing the show, but nothing more has been said by the company. Production hasn’t started at this time.

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