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Virginia looks like a Twin Peaks fan’s dream game, and you can try it now

The first-person thriller is out next month

Lovers of ‘90s supernatural TV — think The X-Files and Twin Peaks — may not have heard of Virginia, but a new trailer and first demo for the upcoming adventure game should put it on their radars. The game hits Mac, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on Sept. 22, and it wears its dramatic influences on its sleeve.

Virginia is a first-person mystery thriller set in the summer of 1992, when a boy goes missing in a rural town located in the titular state. Players assume the role of a fledgling FBI agent who develops a deep, complicated relationship with her partner as they work together to solve the case.

505 Games and Variable State, publisher and developer respectively of Virginia, cite Twin Peaks, as well as Fargo and True Detective, as inspiration for the game’s supernatural elements that lie beneath the small-town detective story. The cel-shaded art style is also striking in much the same way as a David Lynch film is.

Although the release of Virginia, which was first announced in 2014, is still three weeks away, a demo is available now for PC and Mac through Steam. The free download should give players a sense of how this film noir-esque adventure truly plays out, as does the video above.