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The Angry Birds movie is getting a sequel

Franchise is flying high, according to CEO

Angry Birds movie Rovio

Following the success of Rovios’s animated film based on the studio’s top-selling mobile game, Angry Birds, a sequel has officially been ordered and is currently in development.

In an earning report, Rovio CEO Kati Levoranta said that based on the first film’s success and, in turn, that of the mobile game franchise, the studio had begun to plan the sequel. There are also new games and a new franchise in development, according to Variety.

"With the excellent performance of our games portfolio and the fantastic movie, the Angry Birds brand is flying high," Levoranta said.

The animated film, which was distributed by Sony but created in-house at Rovio, grossed $107 million in the domestic market and an impressive $347 million worldwide. The game also had a tie-in level for the Angry Birds game that gave players exclusive content if they sat through the credits of the film.

It’s unclear when Rovio plans to start production on the project or if any of the film’s stars, including Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon and Danny Bride, are set to return.