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Rare Akira vinyl soundtrack getting a reissue

This time around it won’t just be limited copies either

A drawn image from Akira (the manga) of a young man (Kaneda) standing in front of a large futuristic motorcycle. He’s wearing a motorcycle jacket with a pill on the back.

28 years after Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s groundbreaking animated film Akira was released, the score, composed by Geinoh Yamashirogumi, is getting a reissue.

Milan Records announced on Twitter yesterday that it was going to press the Akira Symphonic Suite to vinyl, which means that while the dialogue present throughout some of the most memorable pieces will be lost, the original music and effects will be present. When the film was first released, there was a small batch of vinyls released with Yamashirogumi’s score, but following the 1988 release, it was never touched again.

Considered one of the most popular and beloved anime films of the last few decades, Akira follows a boy named Kaneda and his friends in a dystopian Neo-Tokyo who must stop a biker-turned-raging-psychopathic-monster from destroying the entire city.

Milan Records didn’t say why it had decided to press the score now, nor did it announce when the records would be available to purchase. The record company did confirm, however, that it wasn’t looking to create another rare vinyl like it did the last time around — as long as you want a copy, there will be plenty available.

The score is available to stream right now on websites like YouTube, but for those who have been holding out from spending three figures on the rare vinyl, know that these should be coming out relatively soon.