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Undertale vinyl adds chiptune goodness to your record collection

Pre-orders are now open

Undertale fans cite nearly every aspect of the much-loved role-playing game as its best feature. Its excellent score, however, might be one of its most memorable features, making iam8bit’s vinyl collection of tunes from the game an easy sell. A double-LP set is now up for pre-order from the online store, including more than 40 tracks.

The soundtrack costs $35 and ships by the end of this year. It also comes with a digital copy that will arrive as soon as records are mailed out and includes even more songs — all 100-plus pieces of score. Ordering before midnight on Sept. 5 guarantees a bonus 7-inch LP of the "Annoying Dog Song." You can listen to that one above, and take a look at the set below.

Undertale’s lead designer Toby Fox is also responsible for its score. He first won acclaim for his music-making as a composer for Homestuck, a popular, long-running webcomic.

Several members of Polygon staff vouched for the high quality of Undertale at the end of 2015, even though it didn't make our Game of the Year list. The 16-bit PC game stars a nameless protagonist who must make heavy choices on the way out of a strange land. It’s an unforgettable story that fans have begged Fox to bring to consoles for some time; concrete plans for a port are not yet in the cards.

Correction: Fox was just one of several composers for Homestuck. The story above has been corrected to reflec this.