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Watch 13 minutes of Russian Subway Dogs

They're cute and bouncy

Russian Subway Dogs is an arcade-style game about a very loud, gravity-defying dog that prowls the Moscow subway looking for food.

Inspired by the real dogs of Moscow's subway, in Russian Subway Dogs you try to eat as much as possible before the clock — aka, your stomach — runs down. You can bark behind passerby to scare them into dropping their food. But if they drop a vodka bottle, it will explode and cause all kinds of chaos.

Russian Subway Dogs is the latest project from Spooky Squid Games, and it's on Kickstarter right now.

The version we played is an alpha of the game, which consists of only the Endless mode. With funding, Spooky Squid Games hopes to add missions from a Proletaricat, who will issue challenges to your hungry dog as you make your way from station to station.

In this video, Ashley and I try to go one-on-one, trading the controller back and forth as we hunt for high scores. The game is hectic and scream-inducing, especially when you're facing down poodles and a subway bear.

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