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Watch 10 minutes of gameplay from Celeste, the next game from TowerFall's creators

When TowerFall first came out in 2013 (on the Ouya, remember?), few players likely expected the game to see the years of support it did. Now, three years, a console port (TowerFall Ascension), a major expansion pack (TowerFall: Dark World) and countless small updates later, the creators of Towerfall have moved on to their next full-sized project: a tight, precise, tough-as-nails platformer called Celeste.

Celeste has been something of an open secret, with creators Matt Thorson and Noel Berry announcing the game last month and even streaming a bit of the game's development on Twitch. But until now, the best way to understand what Celeste might look like was to play the 2015 version of the game, now known as Celeste Classic, a game Thorson and Berry created in four days for the fictional PICO-8 game system.

As you might expect, Celeste has a lot in common with Celeste Classic, but there's a lot of new stuff, too — new platforming mechanics, a newly polished-up control scheme, and even hints at a larger story. Above, check out 10 minutes of hands-on gameplay from an early version of Celeste, which will be playable at PAX West next weekend in the Indie Megabooth.

Celeste is expected to come out in 2017. For more on the game, check out the official website.

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