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Summer is almost over, so which studio ruled the box office?

Finding Dory did ridiculous numbers for the studio

Finding Dory

Labor Day is fast approaching and that means the end of the summer blockbuster movie season is here. With big movies from Disney (which includes Marvel and Pixar), Warner Bros (DC) and Fox the question is which studio reigned supreme at the box office.

According to numbers from Box Office Mojo, the biggest movie of the summer — which begins the first weekend of May and runs through Labor Day — in America was Pixar’s sequel to its groundbreaking animated film Finding Nemo, Finding Dory. The film, which was released on June 17, grossed a total of $929 million at the box office, with $479 million being earned in the domestic market. The second biggest film of the summer within the United States was Captain America: Civil War, which grossed $407 million at the domestic box office. Interestingly enough, however, Civil War grossed $744 million at the international box office, making it the only film to break the $1 billion barrier this summer.

Following the trend of the past few years, superhero movies were the major blockbusters this summer, with Warner Bros.’ recently released Suicide Squad coming in at fourth with a total domestic gross of just over $282 million and Fox’s X-Men: Apocalypse coming in fifth with $155 million grossed domestically. While Apocalypse marked the only top ten film Fox had this summer, with its Independence Day sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence, coming in 12th, Warner Bros. also had the ninth biggest film of the summer with The Legend of Tarzan. The Alexander Skarsgard-starring film scored just over $125 million at the box office.

Other films that made it into the top ten include Sony’s Ghostbusters, Universal’s The Secret Life of Pets and Jason Bourne, Central Intelligence and Paramount’s Star Trek Beyond.

While Labor Day marks the end of blockbuster season, autumn means that it’s time for film festivals and the race for award nominations. As October and November edge closer, some of the most talked about films that debuted earlier this year at Sundance and Cannes will play festivals like Toronto, New York, Venice and Telluride as films start to create Oscar and Golden Globe buzz.

Despite the critical attention given to indie darlings and the studio’s most prestigious films, there are still a few blockbusters left to be released this year. Disney has Marvel’s Doctor Strange in November and Lucasfilm’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in December, for example.

For a list of other blockbusters that are still set to be released this year, check out Polygon’s release timeline.

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