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Eevee is ready for squeezing at Build-A-Bear Workshop this week

One of the cutest Pokémon just got cuter

A make-your-own Eevee plush goes on sale at Build-A-Bear Workshop this Thursday, Sept. 1, the retailer announced. The Normal-type fox Pokémon will be available both online and in stores, just like Pikachu before it.

The basic $28, 14-inch Eevee doll also includes a special trading card stamped with the Build-A-Bear logo. Pokémon fans who prefer their characters in costume can also pick up several other items, including a pair of adorable outfits. There’s a cape adorned with the faces of Eevee’s myriad evolutions, as well as the hooded Poké Ball pajamas that will help Eevee fit in better with the earlier Pikachu stuffed animal.

The cape is only available in an online-exclusive $62 package, which will ship with a pre-made plush, a 5-in-1 sound clip, both outfits and the trading card. The pajamas can also be bought separately for $12.50.

Eevee models its Build-A-Bear Workshop get-ups in the gallery below. Polygon’s own Pikachu Build-A-Bear starred in its own photo shoot after it hit stores earlier this year. That character sold out quickly and is still unavailable online, but the Build-A-Bear Facebook page noted that it expects to have more in stock following Eevee’s arrival.

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