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Everything gets hacked in new Watch Dogs 2 gameplay

Hack a car, hack a camera, hack a door, hack a scissor lift, hack a guy, hack

In a new Watch Dogs 2 gameplay video, animation director Colin Graham roams through the game’s rendition of the San Francisco bay area while driving, sneaking, taking selfies and hacking everything in his path.

In Watch Dogs 2, you play as Marcus Holloway, an expert hacker working with hacktivist collective DedSec to take out the city’s newly implemented surveillance system.

Marcus has several tools at his disposal, including a quadcopter drone and an RC jumper — a wheeled remote controlled device that allows the player to hack objects from a safe distance. Players can choose from nonlethal weapons like stun guns as well as deadlier 3D-printed firearms. In the video, Graham uses the two gadgets and nonlethal combat tactics to stealthily infiltrate an enemy building.

Driving is once again a key method of the game’s transportation. This time around, the mechanics have been revamped with assistance from Driver series developer Ubisoft Reflections.

As announced previously, the game’s online multiplayer modes are seamlessly tied to the open world single player experience. Co-op missions can be initiated with other players as they wander the streets.

Also, when you commit a crime in the game, not only will you be pursued by the police, but you may attract the attention of up to three other players as well. The first game’s PVP mode "Hacking Invasion" is making a comeback, too.

Also shown in the video are a visit to a local clothing shop, an outline of the game’s Nethack view (think the Arkham series’ Detective Mode) and selfies in front of city landmarks. For more, you can check out our hands-on from E3 and watch just under 20 minutes of new footage above.

Watch Dogs 2 launches for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on Nov. 15.

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