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Kick a touchdown with Madden's latest funny glitch

Just like Garo Yepremian

Another year, another Madden, another hilarious Madden glitch. This YouTuber turned up a bizarre situation in which the game confuses what endzone a player is in and instantly awards a touchdown.

To be clear, this isn't some archaic, real-life rule — like, say, the fair catch kick — that Madden NFL 17 has suddenly added to the game after a sharp-eyed user suggested it on social media. No, this just plain isn't supposed to happen. YouTuber Matthew Skoglund lines up his Tennessee Titans for a long field goal attempt at the end of a franchise game, and kicks it directly into the arms of Minnesota's deep back — who somehow scores a touchdown on the play and celebrates, but for the Titans, not the Vikings.

Completing the absurdity, the game's commentary engine serves up a line describing Minnesota as the scoring team when in fact Tennessee has gone ahead by three, instead of tying the game. It looks like something out of Canadian football. See for yourself above. It will likely be patched out with the next title update.

This is part of the sausage-making that is a sports video game made on a one-year development cycle, folks. Who knows what will turn up in the week after launch. Madden's makers seem to be good sports about their foibles, though.

A couple of years ago — in another glitch involving the Tennessee Titans (or at least their uniforms) — Madden shrunk linebacker Christian Kirksey to 1-foot-2 thanks to a data entry error. (Importantly, everyone discovered that Madden is capable of rendering a 1-foot-2 player, should any appear in real life.) The "Tiny Titan" glitch was widespread and funny enough that EA Sports created this video and an Ultimate Team challenge referring to the goof.

When it's working right, Madden NFL 17 is dynamite. See our review here.

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