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World of Warcraft's latest update pays homage to Destiny

Xur'los the vendor will even sell you 'Gjallar's Horn'

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

World of Warcraft slipped a tribute to Destiny into its latest patch, which prepares the MMO for the Legion expansion at the end of the month.

The Easter egg is a vendor named "Xur'los," and if the name isn't enough of a tipoff (Xur being the vendor who sells exotic weapons in the Tower) some of the items he sells make it obvious.

Xur'los, according to Wowhead, sells "Krota's Shield," "Gjallar's 'Horn,'" "Ingram's Puzzle" and a "Mote of Light," all direct references to Destiny's world and characters. The items cost 50 Curious Coins with the exception of the Mote of Light, whose price is unknown.

Gjallar's Horn is, of course, a reference to the powerful Gjallarhorn weapon from Destiny. According to its WoW description, it too will launch a rocket, dealing tremendous fire damage to enemies. "Only works outdoors in the Broken Isles and cannot target players. (1 hour cooldown)" says its description. Both it and Krota's Shield require level 110, the new level cap coming with the expansion.

Xur'los is found outside in Dalaran between the Bank of Dalaran and the Antonidas Memorial. The items he sells are part of a rotation (some items are not Destiny-themed) that changes daily. Curious Coins are dropped randomly and have five confirmed sources so far. More details on Xur'los and the currency are at Wowhead.

You can see Xur'los at the 4-minute mark of this video showcasing the new mounts coming in the Legion expansion.

World of Warcraft: Legion launches on Aug. 30, bringing with it the new Demon Hunter class. Those who preorder will get to play as a Demon Hunter early, beginning Aug. 9. For more on the expansion, see the video below.

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