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Suda51 talks baseball, Tokyo and The Silver Case in new interview

Video shows inspirations for games like No More Heroes

Grasshopper Manufacture director Goichi "Suda51" Suda was recently interviewed by Toco Toco TV, a video web series in which Japanese artists lead viewers through places that inspire them.

Suda provided insight on his career as a game developer by showing some of his favorite places to frequent, like a local batting cage which inspired a scene in The Silver Case, and Bar Plastic Model, a quiet lounge decorated with ‘80s pop records, which appeared in No More Heroes.

Suda discussed the period in his life when he first moved to Tokyo to pursue a career in games. He says he felt "like a game character," struggling to find his ground in a new city. This feeling informed many of the games that he’s made. "The main character is always an individual," Suda said, "and the universe in which he evolves is society."

Grasshopper Manufacture’s next release is a remake of their first game, The Silver Case, which will make its way outside Japan for the first time on Windows PC later this year.