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Legendary Pokémon Volcanion distribution runs this fall

Grab a code from GameStop ahead of its movie debut

This October, GameStop will give away codes for Volcanion, one of the Pokémon series’ newest legendaries. The event will run throughout the month, giving shoppers a chance to pick up a download code for the Pokémon.

Volcanion will be at level 70 when players import it into the current Nintendo 3DS games Pokémon X, YOmega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire — and come with a special hold item; it will also feature a moveset that includes both fire- and water-type moves. That's in keeping with its unique hybrid typing, as the first ever Pokémon to be both a fire- and water-type. Keeping it in a player's party will prompt new dialogue options in certain areas, expanding the Pokémon universe's lore.

We first met Volcanion last December in a trailer that showed the Pokémon off in-game. Following its debut, Japanese players were treated to the distribution event this spring. That giveaway was held in honor of the latest Pokémon movie, which is heading stateside as well. The trailer above introduces its English name: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. The film remains undated, although it's expected to arrive sometime later this year.

The promotion is set to conclude just ahead of the launch of the next installments in the franchise, Pokémon Sun and Moon. New and legendary Pokémon will make their debuts in those games, some of whom we’ve already met — including as recently as this past Monday.