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We Are Chicago trailer offers gritty realism

Indie game explores life in a tough neighborhood

This time last year, we took a look at one of the more interesting games at PAX, an indie project that tells stories about the pressures a young African-American man faces from peers, from society and from family.

A new trailer for We Are Chicago shows how far the game has come along, with locations added to the earlier footage of the central protagonist Aaron’s family home. This small budget game is a Telltale-style story that's set in the real world of a low income, high crime neighborhood.

We Are Chicago is being developed by Culture Shock Games and will be released for Windows PC, Linux and Mac next year.

It tells Aaron’s story as he, his family and friends cope with violence and limited opportunity. The characters experience crime and its effects as they try to go about their lives.

Last year, Michael Block, one of the creators of the game, told Polygon that the story uses "juxtaposition of mundane events and violence." Characters and events are taken from interviews with residents of Englewood, a neighborhood in Chicago, which is also the home of writer Tony Thornton.