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Nintendo Direct returns this week for a 3DS spotlight

We’re warning you now: Don’t expect NX news

Nintendo will broadcast a Nintendo Direct presentation focused on its Nintendo 3DS line-up this Thursday, Sept. 1. The stream will begin at 10 a.m. ET and look exclusively at upcoming 3DS titles — so don’t go in looking for news on anything else.

In fact, the company made it a point to tell fans that it won’t be touching on its upcoming, codename NX hardware in the Nintendo Direct. (The Wii U console also is unlikely to feature in the presentation.) The rumor is that Nintendo will unveil its next gaming system sometime this fall, since the company neglected to reveal the console at this year’s E3 event.

For now, though, Nintendo 3DS owners can expect news and previews of games headed to the handheld later this year and beyond. It’s the first Nintendo Direct event the company’s held stateside since March, E3 2016 live shows notwithstanding.