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EA’s online servers go down following possible DDoS attacks

Just as Battlefield 1’s open beta goes up, servers go down

A group of hackers have claimed responsibility for widespread connectivity issues with Electronic Arts’ online servers. PoodleCorp, a network that takes aim at online games, tweeted that it had gone after the publisher just prior to today’s launch of the Battlefield 1 open beta. A widespread network outage has left many who were hoping to get in on that and other EA games in the lurch.

EA has acknowledged the server problems, although the company hasn’t named a cause for them. Players on consoles have been affected, and the issues are plaguing Battlefield 1, Madden NFL 17 and other big games.

On Battlefield’s Twitter account, developer EA DICE wrote that the beta "is currently experiencing server outages. We’re working to resolve as soon as possible." The tweet came hours after the beta’s launch and more than one hour after PoodleCorp’s declaration of attack.

EA’s console servers were briefly knocked offline last night as well, according to the hacking group. PoodleCorp also said it was behind a major, if brief, server outage for Pokémon Go back in July.

Still, the timing isn’t ideal for big Battlefield fans who wanted to check out the 64-player beta today. Early access codes went out yesterday, but with the vast majority only gaining entry this afternoon, it blunts the excitement of the open beta’s launch. Twitter is already filled with aggravated players who had been eager to try some trench warfare.

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