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Overwatch's other heroes are popping up in Lucíoball

Now no mode is safe from Bastion

Overwatch players have discovered a glitch with the game’s new soccer-esque mode, Lucíoball, that allows them to play as any hero they want, not just the titular Lucío. Characters like Widowmaker, Winston and Bastion have been seen competing in the exclusive Summer Games event are making the rounds online, both to players’ delight and chagrin.

That’s because players aren’t choosing the heroes they’re playing Lucíoball as. Instead, according to a thread on Reddit of players sharing their strange experiences with the mode, Lucío will transform into a different character at random. Reports of the character respawning as someone else entirely abound, and players have even been able to finish games as anyone but Lucío.

There’s no rhyme or reason for the changes, according to those affected. Although most have had this happen to them at random, others suggest that there’s a trick to making the character selection screen pop up on Windows PC. The video below has a player pressing the "H" key just before the game starts to prompt the character select screen, but that will still pick a different hero for you to play as on your behalf.

Although Lucío is more of a hockey fan than soccer player, Blizzard introduced the special mode as a limited-time event alongside its Summer Games update. There are new skins and other cosmetic items inspired by this year’s Summer Olympics, which open in Rio tomorrow, Aug. 5. Overwatch’s take on the athletic events will run through Aug. 22 on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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