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ABC has no plans for a stand-alone streaming service right now

Hulu will do just fine for the time being

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With CBS adding more original content to its stand-alone streaming service, All Access, and NBC Universal focusing heavily on its own mini-streaming network, Seeso, the big question is what ABC has planned for its streaming future.

ABC president Channing Dungey, told critics earlier today at the Television Critics Association confernece that ABC did not have any plans for a stand-alone streaming service akin to All Access or Seeso at the moment. That being said, Dungey admitted that streaming was the future of television and it’s something that they’re trying to figure out right now.

"Streaming is the way of the future, clearly," Dungey said. "We are committed to getting as much of our content as we can to our audience in as many ways as possible, including streaming."

Dungey added that the network was currently focused on its partnership with Hulu — a service that ABC’s parent company, Disney, has a 30 percent stake in — and its app that carries seven smaller digital series and a catalogue of archived content. Dungey didn’t rule out the possibility of a stand-alone streaming service in the future for the network, but said it’s not a priority right now.

"We relaunched our app because of the demand from our audience for streaming was there," Dungey said. "There are tons of old shows that people can watch on there and that they’ve asked to watch."

Similar to what CBS’ All Access originally was, the ABC app carries most of the network’s retired shows that have been off the air for quite some time. It took CBS years before relaunching to bring original content to the streaming service — the biggest being Bryan Fuller’s new Star Trek Discovery — and was originally just an app that let people watch some of the network’s more beloved series.

Still, Dungey is very aware that more people are watching television through streaming services and cutting the cord to watch shows online and through various mediums. The president said while there’s no plans for a stand-alone service yet, that could change in the future.

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