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Download Dragon Quest 8 on Android for free right now

The entire classic RPG, completely for free

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Amazon is offering Dragon Quest 8: Journey of the Cursed King as a free download to Android owners. That’s the full 70-plus-hour game, for free, forever.

That’s a savings of $19.99, the game’s typical cost on the Amazon Appstore. The Google Play Store still has the game on sale at that price, as does iTunes, which carries the iOS version.

It’s unclear why Dragon Quest 8 is free through the Amazon marketplace right now or how long the deal will last. Square Enix ported the PlayStation 2 role-playing game to mobile devices back in 2014. There’s no obvious milestone or anniversary that the deal is in celebration of, so it’s possible that Amazon is just ... giving the game away.

Amazon has done this with other notable releases, like Monument Valley. The mobile hit has been available as a free download for nearly a year.

As for Dragon Quest 8, RPG fans may prefer not to play it on smart devices, although it’s hard to pass up the savings. The Android version of the game includes touch-based controls and a reworked combat system, along with the original game's story and crafting elements.

If a Dragon Quest purist really prefers the traditional console experience, however, a Nintendo 3DS port of the 2004 game is heading stateside later this year.

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