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Pokémon Go bug is making it way harder to catch Pokémon

A fix is on its way

Pokémon Go is suffering from a frustrating bug that makes the process of catching Pokémon even tougher. A tweet from the game’s official social media account confirmed that players’ reports of increased difficulty in throwing Poké Balls and occurrences of Pokémon escaping encounters is the result of a bug, and developer Niantic is working to fix it.

Since the game’s recent big update, many have found their throws curving more often than before. That’s enough to make capturing Pokémon trying, but the bug also makes it more likely that Pokémon break free from Poké Balls that do land. Niantic also said that the glitch has been denying players of their experience bonuses with successful captures.

Niantic told players to watch out for an inbound patch. Earlier this week, the developer opened up about many of the community’s other complaints about the game following a weekend firestorm that saw popular third-party mapping sites shutting down and the game’s nearby tracking system being dismantled.

This week alone has seen several strange glitches within the game, like one where captured Pokémon change species at random. Pokémon Go, for all of its problems, remains a popular title — although it’s no longer sitting at the top of the iOS App Store charts. Today, the game was replaced by the Snapchat-esque Bitmoji app, popular with the tween crowd.