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Rocket League game modes and ranking guide

What to play and how to level up

Part of Rocket League's greatness is in its flexibility of modes. There are several game types to choose from:

  • Solo (1v1 ranked/unranked)
  • 2v2 (ranked/unranked)
  • 3v3 (ranked/unranked)
  • Solo Standard (3v3, teams made up of random players without teams)
  • Chaos (4v4, unranked)
  • Hoops (unranked)
  • Snow Day (unranked)
  • Offline play against bots
  • Local splitscreen (online or offline)

You can jump into any mode you prefer. Try them all, and see what game type you prefer. Jump into the mode you have the players for. If you have two friends playing Rocket League, pull them into a party and play some 3v3. If you have four, you can try out Chaos, or just play some private 2v2 matches. Private matches are some of the most fun we've had playing the game, so don't shy away from it if you have the people.

Check out the server selections below the mode selections. There's a dropdown menu that lists all the available server locations. Uncheck the ones that are out of your country.

All about ranking

Your first games should be unranked. It will help you get your bearings for an actual game with real people without the stress of potentially messing up your all-important rank. Here's the scoop on the ranking system in Rocket League's competitive play.

Ordered from lowest to highest:

  • Unranked
  • Silver Tier
    • Prospect 1
    • Prospect 2
    • Prospect 3
    • Prospect Elite
  • Gold Tier
    • Challenger 1
    • Challenger 2
    • Challenger 3
    • Challenger Elite
  • Blue Tier
    • Rising Star
    • Shooting Star
    • All-Star
    • Superstar
  • Champion Tier (purple)
    • Champion
    • Superchampion
    • Grandchampion

How to rank up

Each competitive game type has its own rank. In other words, you can be a superchampion in 2v2, but just a prospect in 3v3. It takes 10 matches to earn a rank in any of those modes. Your performance in those 10 games will determine your initial ranking. Rankings are only affected by wins and losses. Individual performance in a game doesn't matter. Players earn points throughout the game for goals, assists, saves and more, but those points will not affect your ranking. You can earn 200 points in one game, while a teammate earns over 1,000. If you lose, that loss is the only thing that will affect your rank.

Rank divisions

Each rank has five divisions. The lower the division within the rank, the closer you are to being demoted. The same goes for higher divisions and promotions. If you get demoted to a lower rank, you'll land in division four. Inversely, getting promoted puts you in division two of the higher rank. This prevents people from changing ranks after each game. So if you get promoted, you don't have to worry about getting demoted right after your next loss. It gives you some extra wiggle room.

Climbing the ranks

It's easier to climb the ranks earlier in your career. There's a hidden ranking called Match-Making Ranking (MMR). MMR determines your skill and uncertainty. As you play more games, your skill ranking will become more certain. That just means it will take more games to climb the divisions and ranks. When you start out, you may climb multiple divisions by winning one game. Later, it may take several games to climb just one division.


To go along with Rocket League's ranking system in competitive play, there's also a basic experience bar in the lower left corner of the main menu. Points from games earned in online and offline games add to this bar. Your experience rank is more of a badge of honor than anything else. Here are those ranks from lowest to highest:

  • Rookie (levels 1-9)
  • Semi-Pro (levels 10-19)
  • Pro (levels 20-29)
  • Veteran (levels 30-39)
  • Expert (levels 40-49)
  • Master (levels 50-59)
  • Legend (levels 60-73)
  • Rocketeer (level 74 and above)

You can toggle experience titles on or off in the options menu.

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