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No Man’s Sky companion apps are already available for space travelers

A little help for your big journey

No Man's Sky hasn’t quite landed at retail yet — the game’s out on PlayStation 4 and Windows PC next week — but that hasn’t stopped some eager, crafty people from developing programs to help players along their intergalactic journeys. At least one mobile app is on the marketplace to assist spacefarers with keeping track of their coolest finds.

NMS Ally is live on Android, with an iOS version incoming. It’s a free companion app that lets users upload and share screenshots from No Man’s Sky directly from their PS4 consoles, but its other features sound even cooler: There’s a creature and planet name generator for travelers to use as soon as they happen upon a new species or environment; there’s also a journal that logs when and where they’ve found different intergalactic elements.

Without the game, it’s hard to test out the app and its features yet. Those on the No Man’s Sky subreddit and reviewers on the Play Store have raved thus far, however, praising NMS Ally as a complement to the exploration, survival, trading and combat-focused No Man’s Sky.

Consider this an early tip ahead of Aug. 9, when the galaxy-hopping No Man’s Sky arrives.

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