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F1 2016: Watch 30 minutes of intense racing action

Check out these amazing rain effects

By this point, Codemasters is basically a veteran of racing games in genre and of F1 in particular. F1 2016 marks the developer's eighth iteration on the popular racing league, and those years of work and familiarity certainly show.

Last week, Codemasters walked us through some races in the game using an impressive full steering wheel setup. In addition to a couple of individual races — the one with full rain at the start of the video is especially impressive — they showed off a teensy bit of F1 2016's single-player campaign. In that mode, you'll actually work through a full career in F1, working through contracts with different manufacturers and slowly building up your vehicle to be an unstoppable monster.

And seriously: Did you see the water effects from that rain? It's stunning.

F1 2016 is due out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on Aug. 19.

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