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Batman, Bond and more pop culture documentaries coming to new Hulu line

The new line will be a continuous series

Hulu has been focused on creating more original series for quite some time, but today the streaming service announced that it would be launching an entirely new line of original documentaries focused on untold stories in pop culture.

Limelight Documentary Series will feature Hulu-exclusive documentaries beginning with a film about the "real" creator of Batman and a feature on George Lazanby, who played James Bond in one movie before deciding to retire from the franchise entirely.

Hulu's senior vice president of global content, Craig Erwhich, said that it was a project the streaming service had been working on for quite some time and saw it as the next opportunity for Hulu's original line to grow. On top of the aforementioned documentaries, Hulu is also working on projects about the failed Dany Carvey Show, the defunct skateboarding magazine that inspired the Jackass series, Big Brother, and a feature on the artist Shepard Fairey, best known for drawing up the "Hope" poster President Obama used during his 2008 campaign.

Erwhich didn't say when the first few documentaries would start rolling out on the service, but confirmed anyone with a Hulu account would be able to access the films at no additional cost. Erwhich added that they were investing heavily in the Limelight Documentary Series and were working with a variety of directors to bring more pop culture-centered documentaries to the service.

Hulu follows in the footsteps of its biggest competitor, Netflix, who launched its own documentary line a couple of years ago.

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